Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AB's Got a New Processor!

Most of you have probably already heard about this news. Advanced Bionics has produced a sleeker processor, that is currently available in Europe. Upon FDA approval (which is likely), it'll be available in the US around this summer. Here's a brochure of it:
If you're looking at the processors on the right side, the new one is the middle white one. The current one is the left, and the right tan one is actually today's hearing aids. Most of the information just seems to point out that the new processor is much slimmer, which will be a breathe of fresh air to all of our ears. Yet, there has been more information that it will have wireless capabilities for things like using a bluetooth, hearing the TV directly and so on. So it'll also have the option of hand held remotes to control those things. I don't know if they will cost extra or be insurance covered, however.

Either way, I have to wait until October 2015 to get this upgrade. Quite lame, but that's how insurance rolls. And by then, it might be even smaller!

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