Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A night at the Races

A few nights ago my husband and I went to the NASCAR Nationwide race outside of Phoenix. We were convinced I would end up taking my implant off the moment the cars began racing. However, that was not the case! I found that the ClearVoice massively reduced the background noise to the point the cars were actually tolerable with the CI on. I can't say the same for my non-implanted ear though. I had to put an earplug in instantly before I went nuts. Again, my non-implanted ear hears around 120db, so it's not like I have great hearing in it or anything, but I do hear some things fine (like 20 engines roaring at once, or my husband talking next to me without the CI on). But overall, I guess this is semi-great news for some reason... that the CI can tolerate something so horrible sounding. I doubt I'd be saying the same thing if it was pre-ClearVoice, however.

 On a different topic, I was upset Danica wasn't racing that night. Apparently she was racing for the following night for the Sprint Cup, and even so, she was in the bottom 6 because of a crash. Lame.

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