Friday, March 28, 2014

Well, well, well...

It's now nearing the end of March 2014, and, I have not posted in forever. Unfortunately, I have nothing to say CI related either! I am simply thriving. My CI is still functioning as well as day 1. It's been 3.5 years now. Really, I am just waiting for the 5 year mark so I can upgrade to the smaller processor.

I can however, talk about my paranoia of my CI eventually breaking. It stresses me out thinking that could happen. If you're a follower (or know me), you know that while I'm "legally Deaf," I do hear - in my humble opinion - fairly enough in my non-implanted ear to get through a one-on-one conversation with someone I know with the help of lip reading. However, my attention span is reduced and I tire out fast communicating this way and eventually look away and piss the person off. :-) The point though, I do not sign to communicate. When I'm really stuck on a word I can't hear or lip read, the person will finger-spell the word if they know how to. If they don't know ASL, it kinda just ends there. I end up feeling like a useless moron for wasting this person's attention while we've become increasingly frustrated that I can't understand them. THAT is how most communication goes when I don't have my CI on. And I don't even want to imagine the day that could happen would become a reality, and last... weeks... if my CI were to ever break. Sad, I know. Whatever. Anyways! It's a constant reminder that I should learn ASL and somehow force people around me to learn it too. Well, actually, while that can benefit me in some ways, it's not going to benefit me with hearing people who don't know it. Shoot! I guess the answer is called paper and pen. But then, maybe it's not! Imagine that the one time I whip out that paper and pen and ask the person to write down what they are saying, and it turns out they can't write! Because they're missing their arms! I'm just kidding; I realize those odds are extremely slim. Like I said, Paranoia. Let's just hope it never comes to its demise. Ever. Or let's just hope that wherever I work when that day comes, that everyone just has a field day with the fact I can't hear a thing they're saying and I would prefer to be in my little cave by myself. Yea, I like this option the most. I guess it just means I need a new job, 'eh?

I remember I posted about a movie that was coming out... eventually... I wonder if it ever came out. Lemme google... I obviously did not keep on top of this film. 95 Decibels was released 10 months ago, and from what I'm seeing, the only way to watch it is to buy the film for $25 from their website. It does not appear to be online anywhere. If anyone has seen it online, feel free to let me know where. I am not a fan of spending $25 for a DVD.

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