Friday, June 28, 2013

Switched at Birth and a CI

A recent spoiler indicated that over the next several episodes of Switched at Birth, a character will be getting a cochlear implant, but we won't know who until the episode airs. I've read that it might be Daphne, but I also read it could be Emmet's father, who has a cochlear implant in real life and would be able to play the role the best.

However, in another episode, Daphne's character will enter a dream state of 'What If' she had a cochlear implant. Which is something she imagines she would have if she had not been switched at birth and the Kennish's raised her. How different would she be really if she was raised by the Kennish's? Do you feel she grew up into this amazing person strictly because she had Regina, who did everything in her power to make the World an easier place FOR Daphne, but causing her to have to fight for herself? There's something about being given an implant at a young age, in a rich family, that erases the possibility of that kind of learned behavior. I'm not saying she would have grown up worst, just different.

In any case, if you're excited to see these episodes, the episode of "what if" will be on July 8, and the character that received a cochlear implant will be on August 5th.

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