Monday, May 16, 2016

Waiting for the Arrival of My New Naida Q90 Processor!

Over two years without a blog post, you either assumed I got bored of this, died, or am still using the Harmony and have zero news about it. My lack of presence is solely because of the latter. After roughly two years with a processor, there's not going to be much to report because it just becomes a part of your life and nothing changes too much.

I can say what did change about my Harmony over the 5.5 years I've had it though:
  • The batteries got really weak. I received four batteries with the processor, which all had roughly a 12 hour life the first year. Around year 4, one of them completely died, and the others were struggling with 6-8 hour lives. At year 5, they were all down to 6 hours. After a mapping two months ago, they all dropped to 4-5 hours. As of this moment, the three remaining ones are struggling to give me 4 hours each.
  • Constant sweat from exercise or just being in places like Arizona summers, has caused the processor to develop a grainy texture on the skin side (the side that goes against my head). While my processor may have been impacted physically by moisture, it never harmed it internally.
  • The area were the microphone piece connects to the main body, has become extremely loose. This probably started around year 4. Just looking at it, you can tell it's not fully connected the way it should be. This never impacted the ability of the microphone to work however. While it was loose, it never falls off on its own or anything.
  • As far as my hearing goes with the Harmony, my tests from two months ago showed my hearing slightly declined in being able to distinguish speech in noise. However, the results do not have anything to be compared to, per se. The speech tests I was given when I first got the processor were extremely more simple than the one my current audiologist had me take two months ago. 
But today, I've received an email that my new Naida Q90 processor is being shipped to my audiologist! A lot of people are curious how long the process of approval takes, and for me, from the moment I submitted my insurance information that AB requested til I got this email, it was only 2 weeks. I currently have Medicare and State Insurance from Oregon. It was pretty speedy if you ask me.

Now, I just have to wait to hear back that my audiologist received it and then go in for a fitting and mapping. Hopefully this'll be happening within 2 weeks from now. Until then, I'm pretty curious about how different it'll be. AB has made some serious changes between the Harmony and Q90. Most reports are that it is noticeably different in a really good way. Considering it has programs like WindBlock, and Bluetooth capabilities. Those of you totally complaining that I STILL won't talk on the phone, the bluetooth and compilot might be able to let me do that now. I wish it had a 2 prong adapter so that the compilot could be plugged into a walkie talkie. That would make my job a lot easier.

Until then...

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