Monday, August 13, 2012

Tinnitus and More


I've been having some lovely tinnitus in my implanted ear the past few weeks. It's not horrible, it's just there much  more pronounced than usual. Always sounds like a lawn mower in the distance is going off. Lovely.

All I can do is wonder what makes it louder than usual. Is it my lack of sleep? Caffeine products? My nerves still adjusting to the ClearVoice upgrade?

I do tend to turn the volume up a little louder with ClearVoice since everything is somewhat softer. Some high frequency sounds will come across way too loud with the volume I use, but it depends what is going on around me. But sometimes all it takes is one loud noise to turn on my tinnitus. Kinda like if you get punched in the face, you see stars. When I get audibly "punched" in the ears, I hear ringing.

Just thought I'd mention that.

I had the privilege today of hearing someone calling my name at work. Faintly, but I swear someone was saying, "Nichole, Nichole..." and I was looking around me like a freak trying to find the source. Then I walked down a few lanes and noticed my co-worker on a ladder starring at me to help her and realized it was her. Haha, that was fun. It's also nice when I hear my boss calling me from 10 feet away. Or when I can tell that one of two ladies are in the building because they talk so loud (on purpose), even though I never know what they're saying. Except this one word: "Natalie!" One of the two ladies likes to scream that name a lot. Makes me feel like I'm at home. Where everyone screams for each other. The screamer also reminds me of my mom. Enough said.

Other than that, sometimes I listen to the radio in the car, and usually can't make out enough speech to understand what is being talked about. But this morning, I heard one sentence quite well, "At Carls Jr, you can get a large drink for only .69cents!" Well, isn't that lovely. That's cheaper than McDonalds!

Maybe you've learned something right now. Like, that you should go to CJ's just for drinks. (But that's silly. You can also buy a 2 Liter of store brand soda for .69cents. Depending where you live).

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